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Elk Grove Rent Bounce Houses

Are you in the mist of planning a party or event and don’t know where to begin? Then you are in the right place because Elk Grove Rent bounce houses are what you need to not only add pizazz but enable your guest to enjoy every moment of the party or event. What company offers these bounces house you in elk Grove you asked? Well Bouncin Brian does and they offer them at a very affordable rate.

About Bouncin Brian

Bouncin Brian has served and provided thousands of customers with top notch services for many years. This company always make sure you get exactly what you pay for even if it requires them to set up your rental four hours early. Unlike any other bounce house rental company, Bouncin Brian Elk Grove rent bounce houses offers tons of benefits to its customers some of which ensures user safety as well as a variety of styles, themes and sizes to choose from.

When renting from this company, you should allow yourself to become very well acquainted with their policy to eliminate any mishap with Elk Grove rent bounce houses. You should also become aware of their terms when it comes to canceling any reserved bounce house and their refund policy.

Elk Grove rent bounce houses –themes, sizes and costs

As stated before there is tons of Elk Grove rent bounce houses to choose from. However, the most popular three are the King Castle, Princess Castle and Sea Word. Each of them measures 17 X 17 feet and cost $100 which does not include sales tax or the cost of traveling. The farthest this company is willing to travel is up to 50 miles.

Elk Grove rent bounce houses Sanitation and limitations

For those of you who worry about germs, the Elk Grove rent bounce houses are sanitized after every use thus cutting down germs and other particles from being passed along to your occupants. Along with sanitation, Elk Grove rent bounce houses also limits as to where you are allowed the bounce house set up. For one, Elk Grove rent bounce houses aren’t allowed to be setup on turfs with glass, rock or branches as the pressure from the either to the bounce house will deflate the it.