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Elk Grove Jumper Rentals


Here at Bouncin Brian’s we pride ourselves on our customer service. We do what we can to make sure the customer is always satisfied. The key is to have them come back to us in the future. Below you will find some frequently asked questions that we get all the time. We have also provided you with the answers.

1) Do Elk Grove Jumper Rentals price included the set-up?

Yes, Elk Grove Jumper Rentals do included the set-up. But there might be some additional taxes and fees later on. Whenever you place your order at Bouncin Brian’s for any one of our Elk Grove Jumper Rentals, keep in mind that sales tax will be included before the actual total.

2) When does my Elk Grove Jumper Rental begin to set-up?

We will get there early to do the set-up. We don’t include your 4 hour time slot in with the Elk Grove Jumper Rental Set-up.

3) Do we need to keep our Elk Grove Jumper Rentals plugged in at all times?

Yes, you do. This is why we suggest a long cord or a generator. Once you unplug during your Elk Grove Jumper Rentals slot, everything goes bye-bye.

4) Does Bouncin Brian’s set up their Elk Grove Jumper Rentals in a park?

Yes, we love parks! But again, you need to have a generator. Parks don’t come equipped with that. It’s best to rent one out. That you need to take care of yourself, we don’t specialize in that.

5) Do you guys need a deposit for each of the Elk Grove Jumper Rentals that we choose from?
It’s usually about $50. Say you want to order 2 Elk Grove Jumper Rentals. The deposit would be about $100 in total. If you cancel within 8 days before the event, you will get your money back. If it’s between 2-7 days, you will get a rain-check, which is good for one year.